1st Athens International Writing Centers Conference
"Revisioning Tomorrow’s Writing Center: Roles, Practices, Audiences"

Why Attend

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By organizing this International Writing Centers Conference, the Conference Organizers aim to provide a forum in which to address the use of Writing Centers as tutoring and technologically enhanced classroom environments. In addition, the Conference Organizers aim to clarify as well as examine related academic and administrative issues, and to explore the working relationship between Writing Centers and the communities they serve.

The Conference brings together leading specialists on Writing Centers from Europe, the US and Asia in plenary talks and panel discussions. Day one will begin by addressing the Writing Center environment and its uses. Beginning with tutoring (onsite and distance), and leading into a discussion about using the Writing Center for classroom instruction, we hope to highlight the key role technology can play in transforming the Writing Center into a multi-functional learning environment. On the second day, the conference will focus on the Writing Center’s administrative and academic role within its community (the university). Specifically, the aim is to generate a dynamic exchange of ideas concerning the triangle of administration, financial viability and social outreach.


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